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Global Impact Awards 2018

Global Impact Awards 2018


Global Impact Awards Finalists

Cradled Systems, Davinci, ExpressionMed, Fairy Godmother, NomadX, Safe in Sound, Seiji’s Bridge, Vetiver Solutions


Cradled Systems (A-5430851470)
University of New Hampshire

Brandon Allen, Ty Kartiganer, Mateusz Mroz and Ahmed Alzawar.  Advisor: Andrew Earle

“We capture waste gas from petroleum and chemical processing and convert it into useful products”

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Davinci (A-7855990589)
St Olaf College

Anthony Valiulis, Jack Schoephoester, Johannes Bang and Salvador Alvarez. Advisor: Roberto Zayas

“A solution for retailers to automatically track inventory on hooks and racks within the stores”

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ExpressionMed (A-8611930909)
University of St Thomas

Meghan Sharkus and Jackie Page.  Advisor:  Laura Dunham

“Customizable decals and stickers to provide ease and personalization of personal diabetes monitoring devices”

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Fairy Godmother (A-9129242605) Susquehanna University

Hannah Gruber, Jennifer Thorsheim and Julia Bodner. Advisor: Emma Fleck

“A taxi service for women by women”

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NomadX (A-3304950107)
Washington and Lee University

Graham Novak and Mourad Berrached. Advisor: Gavin Fox

“A global community enabling travel and remote work by supporting a digital lifestyle

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Safe In Sound (A-2006462078)
University of St Thomas

Savannah Hufendick, Cameron Hufendick and Brett Hufendick. Advisor: Laura Dunham

“An app and set of earbuds that processes loud sounds [music] and automatically limits amplitude and durations to safe levels”

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Seiji’s Bridge (A-9470412691) Portland State University

Alex Dassise and Quincy Brown. Advisor: Abby Chroman

“A line of specialized toys with features that support interactivity and communication for people with autism or communication/sensory disorders”

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Vetiver Solutions (A-4755807218) University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Leeore Levenstein, Elizabeth Alonzi and Jesse Abelson. Advisor: Fred Rose

“Dedicated to fighting poverty by making sustainable farming practices profitable by promoting the planting of a tall, erosion fighting grass called Vetiver

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