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2018 Finalists Gallery

2018 Finalists Gallery


These 25 finalist teams will face off on April 14th, presenting live to panels of judges and vying for a quarter million dollars in cash prizes. New in 2018, two additional prizes: $15K cash awards, recognizing outstanding potential for Social Impact and also Global Impact.

Creo, Fairy Godmothers, Seiji’s Bridge, Spark, Vetiver Solutions, Wilminvest

Cradled Systems, Davinci, ExpressionMed, Fairy Godmother, NomadX, Safe in Sound, Seiji’s Bridge, Vetiver Solutions


Boost Linguistics (A-5020791070)
Drexel University

Ethan Bresnahan, Alex Dodson and Jeff Nowak.  Advisor: Chuck Sacco

“Artificial intelligence that augments creativity and written communication”

BusRight (A-3057339217)
Northeastern University

Keith Corso, Evan Eddleston and Chris Fischer.  Advisor: Kimberly Eddleston

“Optimizes school bus routes based on the students that are on the bus”

Cradled Systems (A-5430851470)
University of New Hampshire

Brandon Allen, Ty Kartiganer, Mateusz Mroz and Ahmed Alzawar.  Advisor: Andrew Earle

“We capture waste gas from petroleum and chemical processing and convert it into useful products”

Creo (A-0162642628)
University of Northern Iowa

Kyle Coogler and Corey Behrens. Advisor:  Lauri Watje

“A web application that streamlines the recruitment process for people with disabilities”

Davinci (A-7855990589)
St Olaf College

Anthony Valiulis, Jack Schoephoester, Johannes Bang and Salvador Alvarez. Advisor: Roberto Zayas

“A solution for retailers to automatically track inventory on hooks and racks within the stores”

Division 1-On-1 Trainers (A-2433912291)
University of Virginia

Grant Sirlin and Jared Vishno.  Advisor:  Alex Zorychta

“The first and only web application solution that lets NCAA athletes earn money in an NCAA-compliant manner”

ecoText (A-6110255490)
University of New Hampshire

Joel Nkounkou and Jason Martinez.  Advisor: Ian Grant

“An online platform for college students to help them manage how they get their textbooks”

ExpressionMed (A-8611930909)
University of St Thomas

Meghan Sharkus and Jackie Page.  Advisor:  Laura Dunham

“Customizable decals and stickers to provide ease and personalization of personal diabetes monitoring devices”

Fairy Godmother (A-9129242605) Susquehanna University

Hannah Gruber, Jennifer Thorsheim and Julia Bodner. Advisor: Emma Fleck

“A taxi service for women by women”

Fledglink (A-8593222895)
Florida Gulf Coast University

Katlyn Sullivan and Tyler Dalbora. Advisor: Sandra Kauanui

“Make graduate school ambitions and integral part of the undergraduate career planning process”

Future Forward Foods (A-7377951422)
George Washington University

Daniel Berg and Alec Ludwig. Advisor: Ravi Ramani

“BergBites  are an ultra natural dessert and alternative to sweets”

Infiniti Greens (A-5602214489)
Binghamton University

Joseph Rigoroso and Brianna Hulbert. Advisor: Sung Kim

“An urban farm operating in the heart of downtown Binghamton, NY”

Inventive Byte (A-3159748624)

Ankit Sharma, Chloe Arriaga and Shoshana Arunasalam. Advisor: James Bottom

“An AI powered community for college entrepreneurs to work with engineers, professionals, and mentors on their projects”

Lifted Roots Vertical Farms (A-4894932511)
Farmingdale State College

William Turano, Zane Smith and Tal Granot. Advisor: Jing Betty Feng

“An indoor hydroponic farm that specializes in herbs and food preparation ingredients”

NomadX (A-3304950107)
Washington and Lee University

Graham Novak and Mourad Berrached. Advisor: Gavin Fox

“A global community enabling travel and remote work by supporting a digital lifestyle

Observe (A-3704761137)
Georgia State University

Lawrence Chen, Harsha Goli, Luis Bock, Diamond Lester and Aaron Via. Advisor: Isabelle Monlouis

“Helps college students with career exploration with data insights and digital job shadowing experience”

Orindi Ventures (A-8278075027)
Grand Valley State University

Jordan Vanderham and Jared Seifert. Advisor: Zoe Bruyn

“The Orindi Mask enables people to breathe warm, comfortable air in the coldest environments”

Safe In Sound (A-2006462078)
University of St Thomas

Savannah Hufendick, Cameron Hufendick and Brett Hufendick. Advisor: Laura Dunham

“An app and set of earbuds that processes loud sounds [music] and automatically limits amplitude and durations to safe levels”

Seiji’s Bridge (A-9470412691) Portland State University

Alex Dassise and Quincy Brown. Advisor: Abby Chroman

“A line of specialized toys with features that support interactivity and communication for people with autism or communication/sensory disorders”

Spark (A-6893384163)
Missouri University of Science & Technology

Edward Koharik, Matthew Healy, Caleb Jett, Lucas Mefford and Edward Kufa. Advisor: Bonnie Bachman

“Engineering robotics programs and tools for students to learn at home and outside of the classroom”

Speed E-Box (A-2133428246)
Western Michigan University

Chris Messecar and Blake Agy.  Advisor: Lara Hobson

“A replacement for conventional electric outlet boxes that does not require time consuming pre-measurement and cutting of drywall during home and industrial construction”

Vers: The Rap Game (A-1517549563)
Northeastern University

Jerried Walker and Eric Martinez.  Advisor: Kimberly Eddleston

“A freestyle rap-based game where the players compete to make the best freestyle rap using a set of template playing cards”

Vetiver Solutions (A-4755807218) University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Leeore Levenstein, Elizabeth Alonzi and Jesse Abelson. Advisor: Fred Rose

“Dedicated to fighting poverty by making sustainable farming practices profitable by promoting the planting of a tall, erosion fighting grass called Vetiver

Wilminvest (A-5434922068)
University of Delaware

Bryce Fender, Joel Amin and Demetrius Thorn. Advisor: Vince DiFelice

“A solution to the issue of vacant and abandoned properties in Wilmington, Delaware that acquires and updates properties and converts them into supported housing and rentals”

Zero Barrier (A-6660244656)
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Evan Wolfenden, Ben Farley and Billy Boutelle. Advisor: Michael Williams

“An innovative way to 3D print metal parts”

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