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Can Entrepreneurs be both Analytical and Creative?

Can Entrepreneurs be both Analytical and Creative?

The best entrepreneurs are creative visionaries, able to see possibilities that have not been seen before. But fulfilling that vision also requires left-brain pragmatism and analytical skills. Can entrepreneurs stay in touch with their creative side as they grapple with the pressures of launching and running a business?

As EIX contributor Christina Luconi points out in this article, creativity lives within all of us, not just the artistic geniuses or the market disrupters. It’s our ability to tap into it – and to continue to nurture it — that makes people true creatives.

Creativity encompasses several attributes, says Luconi, a human resources executive. They include courage, curiosity, intuition, expressiveness and a passion for problems. Entrepreneurs and students who aspire to entrepreneurship must understand these attributes and assess whether they have them. But don’t feel bad if you don’t see yourself or feel you have lost your creative mojo: such attributes can be nurtured, or you can surround yourself with people who have them while you manage the analytical realm of your business.

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